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  1. Idiomatic Language Services ("Owner", "We") uses industry standard efforts, such as firewalls, to safeguard the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information. However, as all security measures are subject to possible circumvention, we cannot and do not provide any guarantees regarding the effectiveness of the security we employ or our ability to prevent third parties, acting unlawfully, from obtaining information that you provide to us. The Owner cannot and does not guarantee that any personally identifiable information provided to us will not become public under any circumstances. You should appreciate that all information submitted on the Website might potentially be publicly accessible. The Owner cannot ensure that your identity, telephone number, work or home address and other personal identifying or contact information will not be discovered by other Users of the Website. Important and private information should be protected by you. The Owner encourages all Users to maintain a pseudonymous identity when using the Services provided by Idiomatic Language Services or any other public aspects of the Website.
  2. We use your personal information to provide the Services we offer: Your profile, language skills and Username are displayed in order to facilitate User interaction and for purposes of our matching Services. With the exception of inviting friends and certain notifications, a User email address is not shared or displayed.
  3. Members may communicate between themselves using Idiomatic Language Services translation project pages, without disclosing any their email addresses, PayPal User names or any other method of communication, digital or analog, whether of the person or the legal entity represented by him, without the prior consent, on a per-case basis of Idiomatic Language Services.
  4. To facilitate searching and finding Service Providers on the Website, Idiomatic Language Services allows Members to submit their translation requests using public projects boards. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in the course of using the Services provided by Idiomatic Language Services and/or participating in any of the public pages available via the Website becomes public information; accordingly, you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.
  5. The Owner may archive information, including personal information, you provide in the course of using our Services and any other aspects of the Idiomatic Language Services Website. We store that information on servers that are controlled by us or by third parties who have agreed to comply with our commitments made under this Privacy Policy and with whom we have a contractual relationship. Archived information will not ordinarily be erased unless and until your entire account with Idiomatic Language Services is deleted; Upon request, archived data may be sent to the user via email or deleted from The Owner’s archives.
  6. We may use personal information for auditing, research and analysis to operate and improve the Services we offer.
  7. We will not share your information with third parties, with the exception of the following:
    1. We may provide information to Service Providers to help us bring you the Services we offer. Our Service Providers may have access to your personal information for use in connection with business activities.
    2. We may be required to disclose customer information pursuant to lawful requests, such as subpoenas or court orders, or in compliance with applicable laws. Additionally, we may share account or other information when we believe it is necessary to comply with law or to protect our interests or property. This may include sharing information with other companies, lawyers, agents or government agencies.
    3. We may share Providers’ certificates and other personal details as required for a submission of a bid to supply products or services in RFPs and other tender processes.
    4. If the Ownership of all or substantially all of the Idiomatic Language Services business or assets were to change, your User information would likely be transferred to the new Owner(s).
    5. We may share with, or disclose or sell to, third parties aggregated information which does not reference individually identifiable Users.
  8. As of May 25, 2018, The Owner and Idiomatic Language Services website is fully compliant with GDPR.
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will officially take effect on May 25, 2018.
    1. GDPR extends the data privacy rights of all European individuals and gives them the power to better control their data. Companies that provide services, and process personal data of these European individuals, must comply with all GDPR set of regulations. There are specific and clear requirements that these companies must meet, and basic rights that European individuals can exercise with these companies. More information about GDPR can be found in the official GDPR European Union’s website:
    2. Data Protection Officer-
      We appointed a Data Protection Officer to manage and supervise the fulfillment of all GDPR requirements, and assist any inquiries from individuals. The DPO can be reached at  info(at)
    3. Functions to support GDPR requirements:
      Idiomatic Language Services is committed to assist all customers managing their archived data.
      You may also choose to permanently delete all your data.
  9. This Privacy Policy was updated on May 24, 2018


Idiomatic Language Services


Your favourite translation services provider.

Translation has become a vital tool in every sector of modern business. Effective translation demands the highest level of specialisation and professionalism. At Idiomatic Language Services each translation receives the personal attention of a native translator, and is systematically proofread and edited before we return it to the client. All our translators are specialists in their fields of science, industry, public services and the financial sector. Whatever your translation needs, we guarantee to get your message across clearly and effectively, conveying the original style and meaning in the wide range of source and target languages that today's global economy demands. Request an estimate on-line with no obligation.

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Idiomatic Online translations service

This is a service ideally suited for companies who need a quick translation

service (less than an hour) for texts no more than 500 words long. Do you recieve e-mails you do not understand? Would you like an on-line tailor made email answer in any language? If so, this service is ideal for you. How does it work? First you must contact Idiomatic to arrange a contract and specify a language combination. You will then be provided with a client username and password to enter our Idiomatic Management System (Tm). You can enter the system using the intranet button situated in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen under "user login", or by clicking here.


From birth certificates to affidavits, Idiomatic provides a full array of legal translation services. With over 1 million successfully completed translations to date, we have the developed the expertise to provide clients with excellent translations in a wide array of legal fields.

We translate:




Police records

Banking records

Immigration documentation


The chance that your product or service is seen by a speaker of another language is higher than ever. If you need to translate the packaging of a newly exported product or would like your entire website translated into multiple languages, Idiomatic can help give your business a global presence.


After Mexico, the United States is currently the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking country, with over 50 million speakers. That number is expected to reach 60 million by 2030. The growing demographic has significantly changed the advertising industry, as companies race to adapt to the needs and lifestyle of Hispanics. Idiomatic provides Hispanic marketing services, ensuring that your message is culturally correct, and is targeted towards your specific Latino demographic.

Whether you are in need of translated pamphlets, product descriptions, websites, or original Spanish-language content, Idiomatic can help you reach your audience as effectively as possible.


Idiomatic has a vast experience in translating legal documentation for immigration purposes. Why choose Idiomatic for your immigration translation needs?

All translations are USCIS-approved, and include a letter of certification

Notary services and express shipping available upon request

1-day turnaround for all standard 1-page birth, death, wedding, or other certificates

Immigration translation services in over 100 languages

Request a free quotation


In the United States, 1 in 5 people speak a language other than English. For this reason, translation has become a vital tool in every sector of modern business. Effective translation demands the highest level of specialisation and professionalism. At Idiomatic Language Services each translation receives the personal attention of a native translator, and is systematically proofread and edited before we return it to the client. All our translators are specialists in their fields of science, industry, public services and the financial sector. Whatever your translation needs, we guarantee to get your message across clearly and effectively, conveying the original style and meaning in the wide range of source and target languages that today's global economy demands. We offer a 1 day turnaround Certified Translations service.


Beyond written language services, Idiomatic also offers interpretation services to provide seamless verbal communication between speakers of different languages.

Telephone interpretation: Are you preparing for a phone conference with an international group in attendance? Our large network of experienced, native speakers delivers

over-the-phone interpretations in most languages. In-person interpretation: Idiomatic provides in-person interpretations in most major cities within the United States for small or large groups.


With studies showing that over 80% of people prefer to browse the web in their own language, a country- or region-specific website and marketing materials are vital to get off on the right foot in new markets.

Localization--the process of adapting content for a specific area--includes not only translation, but image and content modification as well. A final product that has been designed for each country, adapted to the culture and way of thinking can be a deciding factor when a new customer decides to trust your product. For this reason, Idiomatic works with native speakers to achieve a final result that respects the original and at the same time makes perfect sense to everyone.


Subtitling is an exciting area of translation, and is part of a broader field of audiovisual translation which includes dubbing, voiceover and audio description. Subtitling is divided into two types: subtitling within the same language, for the deaf and hard of hearing (also called captioning), and subtitling across languages, for foreign-language film and television. Idiomatic provides subtitling services in over 100 different languages for a wide variety of industries.


You have only one chance to make a good first impression. Before any document is submitted, it is important to proofread it to make sure that it is free of any grammatical errors that could detract from the content’s message. Idiomatic provides comprehensive editing services covering all aspects of correct writing style, in nearly any language.


When translating a PDF, pamphlet, booklet or any other type of document with images and a set layout, Desktop Publishing (DTP) services are necessary. The post-translation DTP process allows for the translated version to maintain the same format as the original by adjusted the layout accordingly. Our knowledge of DTP will make sure that readers focus on the written content, rather than any visual irregularities.


At Idiomatic, every word of new content is translated by humans, native-speakers skilled in their respective fields. In order to increase turnaround time, Idiomatic employs computer-aided translation (CAT) tools that help to ensure the highest levels of quality for large and continuous projects. Do your translation needs feature specific vocabulary used throughout? Our software allows us to create a vocabulary-specific glossary for your project to assure consistency and written style. More so, costs are significantly reduced by leveraging the already translated material.


Are you in need of language services not listed on our website? Our offered services expand by the day. Please contact us today to discuss your specific project needs and goals.

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At Idiomatic Language Services, we are able to translate anything from a simple business letter to whole books, newsletters and magazines. If you have a website, we can provide you with a web-presence in several languages. We also translate product labels and packaging, leaflets, etc. Occasionally, we also receive requests for voice-overs and other individually tailored tasks, for example, dubbing videos of company presentations.


We currently provide service in over 100 different languages. Our ever-increasing network of translators and interpreters ensures that every challenge is catered for.


We will find appropriate translators for each type of text, whether full of business, legal or scientific jargon. Our clients include a range of businesses (export, banking, management), scientists writing in highly specialised journals, and even immigration departments.


Email is the preferred method, though you can also send your documents via fax or post. You may also send other formats by arrangement (eg. audio tapes, audio files, videos, etc.)


The document will be forwarded, with client-specific instructions, to one of our full time or freelance translators (or several translators, if appropriate). Once the translation is completed, it will be quality-checked by an independent translator, who will suggest any minor amendments before approving the translation for sending back to the client. IS QUALITY OF TRANSLATION ENSURED?

Yes, quality is ensured. We aim to recruit only the best translators, i.e. those who are fully bilingual and experts in the field of interest. Every translation is checked independently by a second translator. If any disagreements arise in a translation that requires special accuracy, we may request the services of a third translator to resolve the issue. Major inaccuracies in translation are given a "red-flag": any translators who are "red-flagged" twice are in danger of being struck-off our list of translators. Our recruitment policy and these protocols ensure a consistently high-quality service. CAN YOU ARRANGE "CERTIFIED TRANSLATION

(i.e. government approved)? Yes.


We have a very competitive price list. However, since each job is tailor-made to the requirements of the client, pricing is adjusted according to each specific translation. Simply send us a description of your requirements and we will give you a quote, rapidly and efficiently.


Yes. We understand the importance of confidentiality in business and we aim to keep your documents safe and confidential. Where "extra" levels of confidentiality are required, for example in patent translations, we are prepared to sign non-disclosure agreements with our client.


We aim to return documents as soon as possible. However, since each translation is unique in length and style, times may vary greatly. In general, we agree a feasible deadline with the client when the job is requested, according to client-specific requirements. We always deliver the completed translations on time, as agreed in advance.


Some projects simply can’t wait. In those cases, we offer express translation for documents up to 300 words in under an hour. This service is only offered for certain languages, so please get in touch to best serve you.


We accept various methods of payment, including checks, credit cards and PayPal. The method of payment may vary depending upon the country and on the amount to be paid. In general, the method of payment will be agreed in advance.

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Idiomatic Translations USA address

We are a truly international company, serving clientele across the world. In a world where it’s always the working day somewhere, our international offices assure that you will always have language services easily within reach.

USA Office: 460 rte 385 Catskill, NY 12414

+1 (518) 947 6272

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