10 keywords related to soil for children

Here are 10 important keywords related to soil that children should know to understand the importance of soil:

Soil forms very slowly, so we can't just replace it in our lifetime. Many soils are becoming damaged and are at risk. That's why it's important to understand soil and make sure it's there for future generations. Soil-Net is a website that can help you learn more about soil.

We need healthy soil to grow the crops that we eat and feed to livestock. Soil is also important to plants that grow in forests and other natural areas. Soil is a biological structure, built by living creatures to secure their survival. Microbes make cements out of carbon, with which they stick mineral particles together, creating pores and passages through which water, oxygen and nutrients pass.

To take care of soil, we need to make sure it has the right mixture of water, air, minerals, and organic matter. Soil organic matter is made up of decomposing plant and animal material, and it helps bind soil together and keeps it anchored in place. We can also reduce soil erosion by increasing organic matter.

Understanding these keywords can help children appreciate the importance of soil for plant growth, ecosystem health, and sustainable agriculture.