Care for people, as they made us who we are, they make us great, they are our future.

Care for the environment, as it's part of us, and its health is our health.

Fair share, as any surplus will benefit all.

Employment policy

In all of Idiomatic’s operations, the relationship with the employees is based on respect for the dignity and rights of the individual. Maintaining the right to free association and collective negotiation. Promoting policies and practises designed to eradicate employment discrimination. Treating employees fairly, with equality and respect. Respecting human rights.

1- Protecting the environment for future generations. The aim is to achieve a “carbon neutral” company within ten years. (A company in which the use of energy, mostly electricity in Idiomatic’s case, is neutralized by matching this consumption through the planting of trees or plants that generate oxygen and thus neutralize the CO2).

2- Being a responsible neighbour, understanding the local environment and adapting to the local needs.

3- Many employees collaborate, dedicating part of their time to community projects.

4- Every year we provide positions for students doing internships at a graduate and post-graduate level, as well as at an undergraduate level. Responsible internships have to be the foundation of the company’s management and strategy, not merely an addition. Idiomatic recognises the fact that responsible internships can help innovate and develop better services and allow access to new markets, not just minimise the risk to the company. Idiomatic implements initiatives and programmes to increase the positive impact and not just minimise the negative.

5- Students learn how our company works and apply what they have learned at school to a business setting.

We are currently looking for somebody to run Idiomatic Translations Ltd. Contact Dan for more information if interested.