Criteria for translations into English

Guidelines for Translating into English

1. Names of Contemporary Figures

2. Catalan Names to Spanish or Vice Versa

3. Historical and Fictional Figures

4. Continents and Countries

5. Geographical Features

6. Geographical, Political, or Geopolitical Regions

7. Monuments and Buildings

8. Neighbourhoods

9. Seas and Oceans

10. Street Names

11. Towns and Cities

12. Acronyms and Initialisms

13. Artistic and Cultural Movements

14. Awards

15. Bands, Orchestras, Songs, or Other Musical Pieces

16. Books and Periodicals

17. Company Units and Departments

18. Courses and Programmes

19. Events and Exhibitions

20. Forms of Address

21. Higher and International Bodies and Organizations

22. Holidays and Historical Events

23. Institutions

24. Latin Terms

25. Laws and Official Documents

26. Museums

27. Political Parties and Unions

28. Private Companies

29. Talks and Conferences

30. Television Channels and Radio Stations

31. Universities

32. Works of Art

Note: Consistency is crucial, and always verify transliterations in the source text for accuracy.