Resources for Translation Students

resources for translation students

By Jenny White

Idiomatic Translations' Chief Editor

Here's a list of resources that can be highly beneficial for translation students:

You can access the Merriam-Webster dictionary online at This website offers a comprehensive resource for word meanings, synonyms, usage, and grammar tips. It's a valuable tool for anyone interested in language and translation​

You can access the Duden German dictionary online at Duden is a comprehensive resource for German language information, including spellings, grammar, meanings, usage, pronunciation, and etymology of words. It also lists synonyms and provides insights into correct language use.

You can access the Larousse French dictionary online at This resource offers a wide range of features including definitions, articles, synonyms, conjugation of over 9,600 French verbs in all tenses and modes, and personalized online French courses. It's an excellent tool for those studying the French language and seeking comprehensive linguistic information​

You can access the Real Academia Española's (RAE) Spanish dictionary online at This dictionary is a premier resource for Spanish language and is the result of collaboration among all the academies in the Spanish-speaking world. It aims to cover the general lexicon used in Spain and Hispanic countries and is directed primarily at native Spanish speakers for understanding both written and oral texts.

These resources provide comprehensive meanings, synonyms, and usage examples which are crucial for understanding nuances in different languages.

These resources offer a mix of practical tools, theoretical knowledge, and opportunities for professional development, all of which are vital for budding translators.