English Nautical Glossary I


TFD: a ship's crew member, such as a carpenter, sailmaker, etc., whose duties do not include standing regular watches


F: the state of any of a ship's sails, when they are furled or stowed. It is used in this sense also in opposition to out, which implies that they are set, or extended to assist the ship's course.

in forma dupla

in duplicate

in irons

to be shackled


TFD: A large merchant ship formerly used on trade routes to India.


D: (of a coast) bound with rocks and cliffs


WN: metal shackles; for hands or legs


F: a general name for all the pieces of iron, of whatsoever figure or size, which are used in the construction of a ship: as bolts, boom irons, nails, spikes, chains and chain plates, block strops, cranks, pintles, and googings [gudgeons].


TFD: 1. A discharge, as of blood or pus. 2. A lesion, wound, or ulcer producing such a discharge.